Growth Product Manager

Job description

Are you up for the challenge of being part of one of the fastest-growing intimates brands in the US? One that transformed a multibillion industry through a radical approach to performance and growth?

Shapermint has grown from 0 to $150M in sales in less than 2 Years since launching in June 2018, acquiring +3 Million customers being profitable since day 1.

The secret? Conversion-focused and Growth-oriented strategies that effectively resonate within our audience that are tested, optimized and improved on a daily basis.

Now we are on the hunt for a talented and ambitious individual who loves surpassing lofty revenue goals as much as we do.

A hungry learner that knows that leveraging emotion and connection is the secret to driving sales on a massive scale.

Someone who lives and breathes metrics... eats KPIs for breakfast… and thrives in a fast-paced environment working remotely with a dynamic, energetic and fun-loving global team.

And if you are a passionate problem solver who loves to take ownership of initiatives and enjoy making them grow… then keep reading. This could be the kick-ass challenge of a lifetime you’ve been waiting for.

The Role... your opportunity

Improve multiple Key Performance Indicators connected to the company and Growth team's OKRS by owning the strategy, roadmap, and execution of impactful growth product initiatives and driving strong decision-marketing through quantitative results, AB testing, qualitative research and customer insights.


  • Boost activation growing customer bases and engagement increasing lifetime value
  • Work with cross-functional teams to improve consistency across the customer journey delivering a seamless experience better integrating acquisition, activation (onsite experience), and retention (owned channels)
  • Develop new customer activation strategies that will encourage more potential users to engage with our digital products while it reduces bounce rate
  • Level up our current user segmentation and onsite personalized experience leveraging cutting-edge solutions, such as CDP, personalization tools, and so on, to more effectively coordinate communications to drive growth
  • Apply behavioral psychology to elements of the customer funnel and test different approaches using A/B testing to push customers more effectively along the funnel
  • Tweak leads acquisition flows and customers onboarding experiences to help users gain greater value from the digital and physical products faster
  • Identifying alternative “aha moments” which may be better at encouraging customers to engage more deeply with our store
  • Investigating upselling and cross-selling opportunities that add value for the customer and drive higher AOV and profit for the business
  • Work with cross-functional teams to develop a strategy for store digital product and growth projects development, implementation, and rollout
  • Collaborate with business stakeholders and product team to develop a roadmap of growth projects that reflects business priorities
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of our user's behavior on store and multiple digital products, to be able to propose improvements following our brand guidelines aligned with UX/UI team.
  • Build with IT/Product team both back-end and front-end solutions to support business challenges driving exponential growth
  • Prioritize product stories, build consensus, and coordinate product schedules with a team of developers, designers, and analysts to ship high-quality experiences.
  • Conduct alongside with internal teams researches, benchmarking, and usability testing to understand users pain points and needs effectively integrating internal teams such as research, marketing, operations, IT, finance, and customer care, translating it into product requirements to ensure products satisfy customer needs.
  • Inform product decisions with quantitative and qualitative data on user behavior and experimentation (e.g. a/b testing, survey data, usability studies)Define methods and metrics for identifying success and failure while ensuring the team is clear on their objectives.


  • Fluent English level (written and spoken).
  • Good fundamental product management skills.
  • Experience enabling business growth by driving existing products.
  • Clear communication while justifying actions, providing purpose, and conciliating where compromises need to be made
  • Have a T-shaped skillset.
  • 3+ years of experience as Growth Marketer, Growth Manager, Growth Hacker, Project Manager, Digital Marketer, or related roles focused on digital marketing.


  • Push towards a defined business metric, understand the data that makes that metric meaningful.
  • Set expected results, clear indicators and KPIs to measure their success.
  • Understanding that you cannot improve what you cannot measure.
  • Benefit from having an in-depth knowledge of analytics, and a good understanding of how and when to use data visualizations.

Iterative Development and Testing

  • Look for how to make the most of the product to meet growth goals.
  • Form hypotheses and they make decisions based on data. They always measure.
  • Ability to identify the small things that can make a big difference to key business metrics. Throughout experimenting, A/B testing, and tweaking and optimizing features for better or different performance.
  • Good understanding of how to experiment, how to prototype, and how to roll out iterative updates and track their impact.

Customer-Centric Focus

  • Fundamental understanding of key concepts as buyer personas, unique value proposition, and what might encourage customers to form a deeper relationship with the brand.
  • Be able to map customer's journey along with the purchase flow and multiple touchpoints.


  • Continuous learning about their audience/persona and the insights they generate.
  • Gather inspirations from others through benchmark and research.
  • Understand that success comes from thinking like the consumer.

Ownership: get shit done

  • Take ownership of a campaign, project, strategy and work towards executing it.
  • Love autonomy and responsibility.
  • Proven records of taking full ownership and responsibility of a project.

Consumer psychology:

  • Talk about consumer psychology, communication, and persuasion to make people take actions you want.
  • Explain the why behind what they do. Is not based on intuition or what they want to do.
  • Understand that success comes from thinking like the consumer.


  • See problems as challenges. Challenges they love to solve.
  • Understand that challenges are the only way for you to grow.