Sr FrontEnd Engineer - India (she/he/they)

Job description

About Trafilea

Trafilea is a global company that builds communities and transformative brands. We own the brands and take care of the entire customer journey, to deliver wow-worthy experiences that influence and empower millions of people globally.

Our culture is fast-paced and dynamic. We are data-driven enthusiasts, passionate about marketing, exponential technologies, and innovation.

We have over 300 hundred employees working around the world, connected by the same purpose and core values. Our support for this new way of working has led to being featured in Forbes and FlexJobs as one of the Top 25 Companies for Remote Workers.

We are looking for dynamic, dedicated, and committed individuals with a strong desire to grow, that can drive the brand forward on its truly exciting journey.

You want to know more about our Brands? Shapermint ,Truekind & Empetua.

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to build a great solution that will be the next generation of e-commerce at the company. We are focusing on using the best technology stack (micro-services in golang, node.js for the backend; components and micro-frontends in react.js for the front; AWS services) to do it and we are building the best engineering team ever!

Expected Outcomes & Responsibilities

  • Develop stable and scalable software solutions for a high-concurrency environment.
  • Participate in the processes of designing and planning development cycles.
  • Suggest ideas, new solutions, or improvements to the current systems.
  • Document the technical solutions with diagrams and the necessary documents (we love Lucidchart)
  • Stay up to date about the technologies we are using in the company.
  • Comply with the defined standards of coding.


Experience/ Qualifications

  • JavaScript (ES2015+ features)
  • Javascript Design Patterns knowledge
  • Experience in at least one Web Framework (Angular, React or VueJS)
  • Proficient Unit Testing developer.
  • HTML 5 - Semantic HTML
  • CSS 3 - Mobile First Responsive Development + Class naming conventions
  • CSS pre/post processors tools like SASS, SCSS and PostCSS
  • Proficient usage of API REST services. Including but not limited to advanced interaction strategies like caching, retrying, proper error handling, etc.
  • Web Development with Accessibility in Mind
  • Extensive understanding of front-end principles like web standards, progressive enhancement, and performance optimization.
  • Experience working and deploying to NPM repositories
  • State Management Patterns such as Redux
  • Software development workflow knowledge: Git, continuous delivery, continuous integration
  • Agile practitioner

Nice to have

  • TypeScript
  • E-Commerce business knowledge.
  • Shopify Themes Development - Themekit/Slate Dev Tool
  • Liquid Language
  • Nx workspaces
  • Build/Dev Tools (Webpack, Builders & Schematics)
  • NodeJS
  • RxJS
  • CSS in JS libraries

What We Have to Offer:

  • Proximity doesn’t influence productivity. As a globally distributed team, you can live and work wherever you want.
  • A rich experience including the opportunity to collaborate with world-class talents. Encouraging transparency and open communication to all.
  • A data-driven, dynamic, energetic work environment, full of talented, goal-oriented, and empathetic people working together to grow and develop both as professionals and human beings.
  • A safe space to be who you truly are. We embrace and support diversity, equity and work hard every day to keep becoming more inclusive.
  • Openness to new ideas and initiatives: You can always join a squad, tribe, or committee, start new ones. Bring your hobbies and passions and transform them into projects!

For more benefits please visit our Trafilea web Site.

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