About us

What we stand for

Trafilea creates and expands disruptive customer-first global brands online.

We are data-driven enthusiasts, passionate about marketing, exponential technologies and innovation, leading the global, e-commerce, direct-to-consumer retail transformation.

We design, manufacture, promote, sell and distribute our products. We take care of the entire customer journey, delivering wow-worthy experiences that positively influence and empower millions of customers in the US and worldwide.

We are experts in online marketing with a world-class ability for online customer acquisition and branding strategies which have resulted in +150% year-over-year profitable growth.

Founded by millennials in May 2014, we favor remote ways of working, proudly employing 200+ freelancers from over 14 countries, who work from anywhere they want. This has become a main advantage and one of the very means by which we actually comply with our main mission: changing people's lives.

Promoting happiness habits plays a big role on this too: from physical wellness through exercising, meditation and healthy eating, to finding gratitude, meaning and purpose in all we do. Every step we take, we’re hell-bent on creating social impact that is bred inside the organization and permeates towards our purpose-oriented brands.

We have an always-growing mindset; we are ambitious, self-disciplined, passionate, goal-oriented individuals, optimistic about an abundant future and happy life.

We are Trafilea

A great place to work


We are +200 people team from over 14 countries across all continents, working to change our people’s lives while growing the company exponentially.

Argentina                   Guatemala                  Mexico             Philippines      

Spain                         Sri Lanka                     Uruguay            US 

Brasil                         Chile                           Colombia          Ecuador 

Dominican Republic                                      Salvador

This Is How We Plan

Our meeting rhythm

At Trafilea, we’ve managed to get our meeting rhythm down to a science. Daily huddles, weekly alignment, monthly and quarterly planning, tacticals and ad hoc meetings - they’re all concise, to the point and productive, and the main secret behind our constant success in reaching our ambitious goals.

We are convinced that discipline and ambition are fundamental in everything we do, and planning is a huge part of this philosophy. Especially in a company where everyone is off exploring their different nook of the world, getting some well-needed face-to-face time to slow down and plan with a clear head is key to our dynamic culture. Plus, big scary goals aren’t so bad when you’re collaborating!

Our Leadership Team even gets to participate in off-site quarterly planning sessions, where we also address personal goals and offer enlightening workshops, broadcast to the entire company online! This year we’re looking forward to our Q2 planning session in the Caribbean. Care to join us?

Coaching and Training

Constant learning experience

We work very hard to make Trafilea not just another job but a MAJOR career step. We encourage every single member of the Trafilea family to learn, grow and fast-forward their career plans with us. We’re not afraid of giving people challenges. We have complete trust in all of our people and know that everyone we hire has what it takes to skyrocket within the company - fast.

Online courses, personal and professional coaching, workshops, team-building exercises, collaboration with some of the smartest eCommerce minds… working at Trafilea is a bonafide, constant learning experience.

This Is How We Have Fun

Work hard, play hard. Sounds clichéd, but boy is it true for Trafilea! Such a bright, driven team means we are always having something to celebrate - a major accomplished goal, a fellow coworker’s birthday, the end to a great year or even just a moment to relax in the company of some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet.

Don’t think you’ll make it to the party based on your current address? Trafileros have a sixth sense when it comes to getting together - have your travels subsidized to get to the action closest to your location or organize your very own meetup with whoever’s around you. We’re everywhere ;-)

Perks & Benefits

A selection of what we have to offer

  • Up Your Game: Think courses, conferences, events… it’s really up to you and your manager.
  • Live where you want: Remote positions
  • Take a vacation: 15 days paid vacation

Do you want to change people's lives?


Email Specialist (she/he/they)
  • Remote job
China Product Development Lead (he/she/they)
  • Yiwu City, China
Treasury Manager (she/he/they)
  • Montevideo, Uruguay
FP&A Specialist (she/he/they)
  • Remote job
Tax and Accounting Specialist (she/he/they)
  • Montevideo, Uruguay
Senior Accounting Analyst (she/he/they)
  • Montevideo, Uruguay
Shipping Experience Lead (she/he/they)
  • Montevideo, Uruguay
Senior Data Analyst (she/he/they)
  • Remote job
Brand Director (she/he/they)
  • Remote job
Senior BI Data Analyst (she/he/they)
Business Intelligence
  • Remote job